Studies carried out to date:

High school

EOI German Grade A2

Cambridge B2 exam

Vocational Training in Microcomputer Systems and Networks

Work experience

Gardener 2016 -2017: During my first years of work I was in Cap de pera Golf as a gardener.

Security guard 2017 -2018: After working at the Golf, I was the following season as a security guard at the Boca Roja art gallery, where I was in charge of ensuring that nothing was stolen and the security of the establishment.

Waiter 2018 -2019: The following season I was working as a waiter in Colonia de Sant Pedro, in the S’espigo restaurant, I was there all season until the end of the seasonal contract, 3 months.

Kitchen assistant 2020-2021: I was working as a kitchen assistant in a fast food restaurant, Mic Mic Pizza in Artà.

Weisses Kreuz Hotel 2023: In Austria as a Waiter a temporary job.

Flax Feldkirch 2023: As a Waiter, attending, serving and charging.

Professional experience

Years before leave Mallorca, I was training on my own and these are the areas in which I specialized:

Digital Marketing: Since I had a computer in my hands, at the age of 16 I began to be interested in the digital world and everything that it brings to people and companies, and thus I graduated in digital marketing through a Google course endorsed by The Open University, the IAB.

Creation of audiovisual content: After starting to see the entire digital world and entering it, it was inevitable to see that the creation of valuable content is something essential for any person or company that wants to be noticed, whether through entertainment, learning or solving problems. problems

Creation and Web positioning: Over time I realized that apart from social networks, something very important is also your business card, which on the Internet is none other than your website, so I decided that it would be my next point to learn.

About me:

Computer science is my strongest point, although I have always liked working and moving through new fields to learn, get to know and have new experiences to learn, always with a positive attitude and desire, being very professional if the moment requires it.

Right now I am working with several restaurants in Mallorca Spain, managing some of the websites, others Instagram and Facebook and others the 3 things.

Here you can see 2 examples: